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Aerated/gas brick
The publisher:admin Release time:2012/6/8 12:33:47 Read:4027

What is aerated brick?
    It is the "autoclaved aerated concrete block", or gas brick, made through high temperature autoclaved equipment production technology.
     "Gas brick" can be understood as a simplified or a generic name. The production range it covers should be bigger, including bricks made with all kinds of technology besides autoclaved.

Features of aerated brick:
Light, heat preservation, heat insolation, sound insolation and easy processing. Produced by many different mixture, production materials are abundant, especially the fly ash material. Meanwhile, make good use of the industry waste, control the environmental pollution and save cultivated land. With good social and economic benefits, this ideal wall materials take place of the traditional solid clay brick.
Technology requirement of the raw materials for gas brick production:
1.Of the lime:
   Quality of quick lime should comply with JC/T621--1996;
2.Of the cement
   Variety: usual silicate cement, quality comply with GB175-1999;
3.Of fly ash
   SiO2≥40%, Al2O3: 15~35%; Fe2O3<15%; MgO≤3.5%; SO3≤2%;
   Ignition loss quantity<10%; fineness (residual of 0.08mm square sieve) <15%
4.Of gypsum
   CaSO4. NH2O>70%; Fineness (residual of 0.08mm square sieve) <15%
5.Of Aluminium powder plaster
   Its quality should comply with JC/T407--91 standard of "aluminium powder plaster for aerated concrete"

Gas Brick--Shockproof
As gas brick is hollow, it is with flexibility feature; and the main part of the building is supported by the reinforced concrete structure, bricks are only for filling. When earthquake occurs, the reinforced concrete structure will deformated. If it is solid brick, there will be no space for the reinforced concrete structure to flex, then burst and collapse will come as a result; while hollow bricks can leave enough space for the reinforced concrete structure.  

Required size:

Market prospect of gas brick:
The wall materials that used before in construction market is mainly red brick (clay brick).
At present, use solid clay brick as the filling materials of the frame is limited in the urban construction in our country, and intensity level of solid clay brick under MJ10 is prohibited to be used in the construction of buildings higher than 5 floors. Red brick has been fully prohibited in some advanced regions. For example, Jiaodong area in Shandong, government has fully banned the red brick and force to use gas brick. The design organization should indicate to use gas brick during the design process of the building, if using red brick, it won't be accepted by the quality inspection department. Therefore, the gas brick produced by several manufactures is demand excess supply.
Because of limitation of conditions, our country will fully clamp down the use of red brick and force to use gas brick before the year 2007 across the country. Concerning the construction unit in the market that still use clay brick, relevant department will ask for certain charges of the clay for the development of the new building materials, so the potential market of the gas brick is really big.

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