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Moisture-proof brick
The publisher:admin Release time:2012/7/7 10:47:12 Read:4486

    Moisture-proof brick belongs to classical art of brick, particularly suitable for pedestrian street, boites, restaurants, bars, tea shop, hotels, kitchen, school, garden decoration, squares, tourist attraction and floor heat insulation. Specially ancient restoration engineering, public buildings and the landscape engineering.

Environmental protection: Made of the poor red shale that naturally generated after fully weathered, the radiation content is the lowest in similar products.

Classic: Remain the features of the classical red brick: bibulous, moisture proof, slippery resistance, anti-fouling, of primitive simplicity, load-bearing and warm in winter, cool in summer.  

Interior decoration: Reflect different life taste, elegant, practically and effectively prevent the mildew of the furniture and carpet.

Outdoor decoration: colorful, beautiful, Mere Christianity, return to nature and aestheticism. It is close to the earth, then it can be effectively absorb 2t water for per 1000 square meters moisture proof brick when it the rain coming down in sheets. And no ponding after the weather clears up, the absorbed water will turn to water vapour and then return to the air with the natural smell of the earth, which will give people fresh feeling with happiness and relaxation.

It has been found that this product has the following features:
Moisture proof: Good water absorbing ability (absorb 5 minutes per square meter), and when reach the limitation of water absorbing, it can also block the water in order to be moisture proof and infiltration proof;

Abrasive resistance: the abrasive coefficient complies with the international standard through high heat forging;

Slippery resistance: Has the features of pottery, surface with strong friction force;

Corrosive proof: weak acid and alkali resistance;

Others: no water leakage, faster water vaporing, with no algae materials growing (completely oxidation), color is simple and colorful.

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Email:  Mobile:+86 15038222403(Jenny ding)
Address:Room 609,Xindi Commerce Bld., Huanghe road 131,Zhengzhou City, China.