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Grass brick
The publisher:admin Release time:2012/7/10 15:16:29 Read:5806


Grass brick is one rising building materials, the main component part is dry grass, the technology is extruding and then truss up. Its advantage is: low cost, easy for choose the raw materials, no pollute, keep warm and light weight; disadvantage is easy to fire if not suitable using and bad effect by the moth.

The history of Using the grass made brick can trace back to the 90 decades of19 century, people incidental found that the wrapping machine can made the loose crop straw into big chunk which can used for building. In 30 decades of last century, in the north grasslands region of United states, due to wood scarcity, the immigrant people need to establish house, only can using the grass on the grasslands, the grass-brick house established then still lived people now.

Now, in the middle and small cities, there is still many people using the clay brick although they consume large land resources and energy. The reasons is that: some new type walling materials invest large and selling price high; second, the clay bricks can use the local materials, low cost and simple technology. For replace the clay bricks completely, it need find the new walling materials which also  rich in resources, easy for find materials, low cost, also fit the energy conservation and environmental protection requirement. The grass resources is very abundant, in the south region in our country, there generally grow paddy, the paddy after hulled left the stalk which called straw, not yet take full advantage of, so very suitable for as raw materials. There is also a large number grassland in the north region. The grass is renewable resources, won't affect the environment if proper use. 

The history of using grass as building materials is age-old. It mainly use the grass as roof, or mixed the straw with clay to made bricks to enhance the tenacity of brick. The Buddha,pillar in temple also use the straw, such as tie up them on the wood around,then use putty and red paint sealed. Nowadays, the grass brick house is as one system, attracting the expert domestic and overseas carry on the all-around research.
The people at home and abroad also made full research on the heat preservation property of grass-brick and the grass-brick house show good energy conservation property. The following test by China environmental harmless transfer center indicate that, at the same time, the grass-brick house can save more than 68% energy than the normal brick house.

The grass-bricks' modularization is formed step by step, the basic size is come into standardization. The processing technology generally is: put the grass into the grass-brick machine, pressed for slice, and tie up these slices for grass brick. When no need the whole grass brick, may use this slice. The density of grass bricks is about 100kg/m³, the loading capacity can reach 1900kg/m².

The structure of grass-brick house mostly adopt the frame structure, the wood, bamboo, concrete, steels all can used for the frame materials, the grass brick mainly made the exterior protected construction. When in the small scale and simple building, the grass bricks can made for self load-carrying construction, one such structure grass-brick building established in USA in 1904 still in use now.

From 80 decades 20 century, the requirement of environment protection and energy conservation is more and more upsurging, the grass-brick building tide is rising once again. The USA, German, the united kingdom, Australia is start to popular and application and dissemination. Recently, using grass-bricks build the house is already for a new rising building trade, present high rising trend. From 1999, relevant organization in our country cooperated with international organization, begin carry out the "energy conservation grass-brick building ability construct and demonstration project ". Over the years, there is already established 616 set energy conservation grass-brick house and 3 schools, which very favorited by the public. After detection, the house can save energy more than 50%. The people said them "original also efficient,tradition also modern "

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