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Cement brick
The publisher:admin Release time:2012/7/10 15:31:13 Read:3361

Cement brick
Using flyash,coal cinder,coal gangue,tailings,chemical industry residue or natural sand,tideland mud, etc(one type or several types for above raw materials ) as main raw materials, using cement for coagulator, without high temperature, manufacture one new type walling materials that called cement brick.

The cement brick fit the requirement of protect farmland,save energy,adjust measures to local conditions and use local materials, is one good new walling materials. It with features of high intensity,good durability, standard size, intact appearance and uniform color, can used for dry wall or any other ornament. This is one very potential product which will replace clay brick.

Cement brick is for light weight, high intensity,no need fire, using the waste coal ash as raw materials, is protect environment, the country is promote now.

Formula of cement brick
1.Clay: need contain some loose particle in good for mix with cement. If contain few clay, can mix some sand. If the clay with few sand and hard,need grind first and then mix sand.
2.Cement: mix 10% 425# common silicate cement, which can enhance the intensity of brick and water resisting property and won't craze after soaking.
3.Additive: mix few additive, except enhance the intensity of brick, also can reduce the cement use quantity to lower the cost.
4.Water: if use suitable water, the intensity of brick will be high. If water few, the intensity will not good; if water too much, the bottom damp,and easy ruin when out the mould. When the sand water content for 3-5%, using 10% is suitable, if the silver sand in raw materials too much, then reduce the water for 8%.

Technology for manufacture cement brick
1.Materials mixed time: long time materials mixed time can made the materials uniform. Dry blend the materials 20 minutes is higher 15-23% on the intensity than mix 10 minutes; the materials mixed time is suitable when  the materials noncaking. About 2 hours for the storage time after mixed is suitable, the time too long or too short will both reduce the compressive strength of bricks.
2.Briquetting pressure: the 500kg/cm² pressure is best.
3.Curing condition: the cement brick generally using the solar energy for protect. If the curing place not too large, for 7 days natural curing is ok.

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