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Basic Knowledge of Construction Factory
The publisher:admin Release time:2012/7/10 15:42:28 Read:6168

                                Basic Knowledge of Construction Factory

1.what conditions need to have of building the baking-free brick block machine brick plant? How much money would be invested?
As long as there are local fly ash, slag, coal gangue, slag, sand, stone, 1-2 kinds of construction waste , with more than 500 square meters space and some venture capital, can be founded baking-free brick block machine plant.  We offer you tailor-made investment options from 10,000 to 1000,000 yuan, covering an area from 500 square meters to 40 acres, you can set up factories in large-scale, also can from small to large rolling development.

2.what raw materials of baking-free brick is the lowest cost of? How to the costs compared with clay brick?
As long as there are fly ash, slag, coal, sand, stone, slag and other industrial waste resources in your local, which material is most abundant and least expensive, the lowest cost of using this material produced brick block. As the production process steam-free, unburned, so the production cost is lower than clay brick. In addition, in order to promote the new wall materials, the state implement tax exemptions of baking-free brick block, and a bonus subsidies to the new wall plant.

3. Hollow bricks can only do walls and fill the wall?
A: Hollow blocks production in the primary stage in eighties of China, the technology behind left a bad impression to people that only do wall; with the scientific development and technological progress, the hollow block has been widely used for non-load-bearing walls and load-bearing wall construction; use professional technology to produce load-bearing hollow block brick is the dominant material products of load-bearing walls, can be produced according to the different needs of the compressive strength of 1.5MPa--35 MPa different production levels, 5.0MPa or more for load-bearing walls, above the following framework for non-load bearing walls, the strength of load-bearing strength hollow block brick is higher than clay brick than intensity.

4. What's the rate of water absorption of hollow block produced by block machine? Is it easy to plaster? Whether the wall crack when Construction ?How to do need semi-brick?
Have mastered the the impact of gradation, density, additives and other factors on  the later construction of block in the long-term research and practice, such as the 10MPa strength grade block, water absorption is 5%, lower than the clay brick (10MPa) 10%, permeability more than clay brick, because of its gradation properly, there would not the problem of plaster off. Production and construction in strict accordance with design specifications and construction procedures, the wall will not produce cracks. (Design is the key, construction is the guarantee) if use a strength of about 15MPa unburned brick block, you can directly cut half brick and seven sent heads, and can support mold production a half brick and seven separate.

5.How to choose address when founded the baking-free brick plant?
Founding the baking-free plant, site choose can refer to the following recommendations
(1).Try to choose a place closer to the waste of resources and set up factories, which can greatly save shipping and handling fee of raw materials.
(2).Choose a water, electricity and transportation convenient place, so that to carry out products and sales as soon as possible
(3).Try to choose land in rural areas or away from residential areas, to avoid unnecessary disputes.
(4).Can rent the old plant, site or the brick factory stop production, which can reduce investment costs.

6.Received the baking-free brick project, what's the success protection? The guarantees we ensure of your success are:
(1).We ensure that your resources, land, water and electricity facilities and capital through practical demonstration then investment and production.
(2).We ensure that your material through testing, identification of feasible then investment and production, rather than simply selling equipment.
(3).We focused on your resources for accurate cost accounting and compared with local clay brick ,if profitable then production.
(4).We offer you benefits for years, payback period and breakeven accurate investment analysis.
(5).Witnessed a lot of success you put into confidence.
(6).Free onsite installation, training, implementation turn-key projects.
(7).Arrangement the customer communication production and management experience nonsked, allowing you to keep abreast of the most advanced production management experience.
(8).Strong technical strength and a full range of services are the greatest guarantee to your success.

7. Founding the baking-free brick plant, a layman can do it?
Do anything is from layman to expert . No experience, it doesn't matter, providing training to each every investor, let no experience one end up a professional. You only need to choose the right space, utilities in place, we do the others, we are implement turnkey projects, rotary launched, sending you a ride.

8. I want to fund baking-free brick factory, but there are many clay brick plant,, how do I face competition?
Answer:Baking-free brick will be able to occupy the clay brick market for the following reasons
(1)Along with the "protection of land resources, Qin brick tile out" policy of long-term publicity campaign , people and each unit have a certain understanding about the negative impact of clay brick.
(2)Governments around the word intensify tax collection of land resources and various fees to the sintered clay brick enterprise, clay sintering enterprise will eventually shut down over.
(3)Governments around the world increase 8 yuan / ㎡ on the user of clay brick and will reform funds into orbit of legal system, although clay sintered factory price 0.13 /block, but the actual use clay sintered already is 0.19 yuan/block, but the cost of baking-free brick is lower than clay brick, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, participate in market competition, and has incomparable advantage. As long as the waste is rich in resources, baking-free brick (load-bearing brick) about 0.10 yuan/block.
(4)If your local sintered clay brick enterprise than baking-free brick , show your local market very well, so in the sintered clay brick road at sunset period, do the baking-free brick is an auspicious time. Baking-free brick block is bound to flourish with the next hot market.

9.Why we must act immediately as long as have the basic conditions for founding  baking-free brick plant?
Wealth= Good Project+ Opportunities
In the same time you noticed this project, perhaps the people around you are concerned about this project, but do baking-free brick plant indispensable condition is a resource, unlike the previous sintered clay brick, you can easily cover an area to use earth, don't worry about resources. Baking-free brick plant using fly ash, coal gangue and other waste channel resources more focused, and most of them stacked in a more central place, who first set up factories, will monopolize sources of material, capture the market in order to avoid later who participate in the competition. When you are hesitating, stalling, this factors of production are likely to be the first to control by others, you can only watch lose a business opportunity to get rich.

10.How long from the preparatory to the official production generally?
Answer:Baking-free brick plant, after you placing order, transportation the equipment in your local, about a week to install production; large-scale automatic baking-free brick plant, half a month time required to install and production.

11. Baking-free brick project.
From the outlook of market, it in line with national industrial policy, has a huge market space and market potential.

From the performance point of view --- baking-free brick with durability, corrosion resistance and stability, its unique properties can not be replaced by other materials, can fully replace the clay brick, with strong market competitiveness.

From the technology point of view --- the use of fly ash, industrial waste residue baking-free brick production line, advanced technology, equipment performance, for investors reduced investment in fixed assets, improve productivity, increase economic efficiency .

From the economic point of view --- baking-free brick investment small, quick effect, large market, sales widely, sustainable development is a sunrise industry, can certainly bring in huge profits for investors.

From the social point of view --- baking-rise brick project can make full use of fly ash and other industrial waste, reduce environmental pollution, energy saving, turning waste into wealth, protection of land resources,good social benefit, it is the new industries  government supported.

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